HSCL has a rich exposure in extraction of minerals and coal from open cast mines, removal of over burden etc. during the last decade.

Extraction, crushing, screening and grading of excavated iron ore from Khamendudi mines in Karnataka and transportation to VISL Steel Plant at Bhadravathi had been one of the major mining activities of HSCL till the excavation was stopped due to the forest land disputes. HSCL also undertook and successfully completed two assignments for removal of overburden at Chashnalla mines of ISP and SECL at Bilashpur. HSCL also completed similar nature of mining project at Kuju area under CCL for a value of Rs.82 Crs.

Similarly, HSCL also executed coal mining project for our client Central Coalfields Limited at Charih Mines and one at Ramnagar Mines for ISP until the projects were foreclosed by our clients.

The mining project at Ramnagar involved Scientific Exploitation of Open Cast Mine incl. transportation of OB to dump yards after segregation of stone from coal.

The project at Chari mines involved Hiring of Equipment for removal of OB including blast hole drilling, excavation, loading and transportation by tipping trucks of all kinds of soil, rock, broken rocks, extraneous materials including mixed soil, mixed hard soil, clay soil, pebbles, stone dumping over the de-coaled area including spreading, dozing, maintenance, grading and water sprinkling as required for excavation operation and for transportation of excavated materials.

The trend is encouraging for HSCL to initiate business diversion activities in open cast / underground coal mining in a large scale to attain sustainability with a long term business prospect.

A large number of Coal Blocks are up for leasing out by Govt. of India to PSUs and Private Companies on long term basis. Depending upon the reserve, one coal block can offer an assured business for 20 to 25 years. HSCL has plans to take such coal blocks on lease in the near future.

For value addition to the excavated coal, Coal Washaries are also to be set up simultaneously in the vicinity of the mines to be taken on lease.

HSCL has already entered into an MOU with ZARUBEZGOL of Russia for setting up Coal Washeries in India territory, which will provide additional advantage in entering into coal mining business in a comprehensive manner.

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